Rick Mercer is coming to town!

Rick Mercer. Photo courtesy of Rick Mercer Report

By David F. Rooney

Rick Mercer, Canada’s funnyman, is coming to town sometime near the end of the month.

Parks Canada spokeswoman Jacolyn Daniluck said Thursday that Parks and CP Rail will, in some fashion, be part of the Rick Mercer Report on CBC TV and that the comedian will be here “at the end of the month.”

“We’ve partnered with the Canadian Pacific Railway to be part of the Rick Mercer Report,” she said. “It will be related to 125th anniversary of the Last Spike. Beyond that about all I can say is that the details are being worked out.”

Mercer is currently in southern Alberta producing upcoming segments of his show. He could not immediately be reached for comment.

You can find out more about Rick Mercer at the Rick Mercer Report website, his Facebook page and his You Tube Channel.