Nordic Ski Club hosts its first-ever regional dry-land training weekend

By David F. Rooney

Revelstoke’s Nordic Ski Club hosted its first-ever dry-land training camp for about 64 young skiers from across the Thompson-Okanagan Region this past weekend.

The kids bunked out at the Community Centre and were kept busy with runs, roller-skiing, weight training, Zumba, swimming and other activities.

A highlight of the camp was a tour of the new facilities being constructed at the Mount McPherson Nordic skiing area on Highway 23S.The clubhouse which is expected to open by New Year’s.

“Ideally, once it opens we’ll be in a position to begin hosting regional races,” said Nordic Ski Club President Dave Kaegi as he guided the young skiers through the site.

Bruce Granstrom, the club’s treasurer, said the clubhouse includes an apartment for a caretaker and a new garage for the groomer that is currently being stored at Mount McPherson Lodge.

“Graham and Wendy Harper have been great,” he said. “But it will be better when we can have everything on-site.”

Here are a couple of pictures of the kids touring the clubhouse and enjoying some Zumba with Bex Reid Parkin:

Bex Reid Parkin introduces young Nordic skiers who came to Revelstoke for a weekend of dry land training to the rigours and delights of Zumba. David F. Rooney photo
Nordic Ski Club President Dave Kaegi gestures as he guides young Nordic skers from across the region through the club's new facility at Mount McPherson. David F. Rooney photo