In Pictures: the Mount Begbie Fall Festival

By David F. Rooney

Mount Begbie Elementary School held its annual Fall Festival on Friday to the delight of hundreds of parents and children who crowded the gym for games, food and fun.

Here, to give you a taste of all that frolic, are a few photos we hope you’ll enjoy:

A veteran of many a school function, Trustee Doug Hamilton does one of the things he likes best: flipping burgers at Friday's Mount Begbie Fall Festival. David F. Rooney photo
Harrison Fenwick sates his appetite with the bun, served up by Harumi Sakiyama, for one of Doug Hamilton's burgers. David F. Rooney photo
Lisa Moore was in charge of all the delectable delights that were awaiting judging at the Fall Festival. David F. Rooney photo
This year's Mount Begbie Fall Festival not only featured home-made pies, cookies, cakes and jams but some decidedly different things, too, like these vegetables and a chicken egg that was, swore the owner of the urban bird that laid it, amazingly large. David F. Rooney photo
Hmmm! Auxiliary Const. Dean Bellows looks like he has some suspicions about this mutant-sized egg at the Fall Festival. Was it the product of an illegal urban chicken, and a mutant one at that? Further investigation might tell the tale. David F. Rooney photo
Harrison Fenwick tosses a wet one at Mac Reynolds behind Sponge Bob Square Pants. David F. Rooney photo
Young Finn Shepherd takes his best shot at the basketball hoop. David F. Rooney photo
Two kids enjoy a pillow fight under the watchful gaze of Aux. Const. Carla Schumacher. David F. Rooney photo
Will I get it in there? Alexandra Luxmoore attempts to toss a rolled-up newspaper into a mailbox as her mother, school teacher Sarah Newton and her brother Nelson look on. David F. Rooney photo
Tickets please! Parents and kids crowd the ticket booth at the Fall fair. David F. Rooney photo