BC Liberal MLA Bill Bennett attacks Macdonald

Editor’s Note:

The BC Liberals MLA, Bill Bennett, has issued a letter attacking Columbia River-Revelstoke MLA Norm Macdonald and the anti-HST campaign by attempting to tie some individuals in the anti-HST issue to neo-Nazism. (You can read Macdonald’s letter of response here.) Here is Bennett’s letter:

I was deeply concerned by the outrageous and false claims made by NDP MLA Norm Macdonald in his recent letter.

The BC Liberals, along with most British Columbians, rightly rejected Bill Vander Zalm’s appointment of a staunch defender of a neo-Nazi and holocaust-denier to lead his recall campaign. Macdonald’s suggestion that this was “political interference” is insulting. The vast majority of British Columbians have rejected these extreme views and MLA Macdonald’s failure to do so is a disservice to his constituents. Regardless of one’s views on the HST, radical neo-Nazi views have no place in B.C. politics.

Vander Zalm’s list of hand-picked lieutenants also includes one who referred to American president Barack Obama as a “terrorist” and another who published an offensive tirade against the independent and respected Chief Electoral Officer.

While Norm McDonald may think it’s appropriate to defend the actions of the extremists running Bill Vander Zalm’s campaign, I disagree.  People have a right to know who the leaders of Bill Vander Zalm’s recall campaign are and decide for themselves if they want to associate with them.

Bill Bennett
MLA, Kootenay East