Whoever said the mullet was dead? Here’s PROOF it’s alive and well in Revelstoke

If you thought the mullet — that oh-so-retro hair style — was dead then these photos should make you think twice.

These are scenes from Mullets in Motion, a fundraiser staged at the Last Drop on Saturday, September 25, to benefit forest fire fighter Jeff Scott who has been in a wheelchair since a snowboarding accident in April.

Powder Springs General Manager Emma Kirkland said the event was a hoot — if you don’t believe her, check the photos below — and it raised $18,655.

Organizer Isabelle (Izzy) Lynch sent out a “big thank you to you, Emma, and the Last Drop again, Jessica Craig and Pam Chute our hairstylists, our band Her and Us, and all the amazing people in the Revelstoke community for their support and donations!”

All photos of these memorable mulletheads are courtesy of Derek Lynch. (Great job Derek, thanks!) And if you’d like to know the answers to the mullet trivia questions posed in the captions to Derek’s photos please go here.

Did you know there's actually a book called Mullet, Hairstyle of The Gods? Derek Lynch photo
There are even online trivia games dedicated to this oh-so-70s hair style. Derek Lynch photo
True or false: the first time a dictionary defined the word "mullet" as something to do with hair was in 1972. Derek Lynch photo
True or false: there are action figures called Mullet Heads? Derek Lynch photo
Do you know which classic 1960s' film has the main character referring to another character as a stupid mullet-head? Derek Lynch photo
Do you know which 2001 movie is about "a janitor with a mullet hairdo, acid-washed jeans and a dream to find the parents he lost at the Grand Canyon? Derek Lynch photo
Do you know which publication was the first to use the word "mullet" in reference to the hairstyle? Derek Lynch photo
Do you know which magazine provided the inspiration for the first modern mullet? Derek Lynch photo
Whis rock star is credited with wearing the first modern mullet? Was it... David Bowie? Jimmy Page? Elton John or Shawn Cassidy. Derek Lynch photo
What caused the mullet to fall out of fashion in the mid 1800s? Suddenly the back of the neck was sexy? New, better wigs? High collars or lower prices at the barbershops? Derek Lynch photo
And finally, what famous general and conqueror brought the mullet into style, forever displacing elaborate wigs from fashion's formal attire? Was it... Otto Von Bismark? Napoleon Bonaparte, Attila the Hun or George Washington? Derek Lynch photo