Travel through time this Saturday with a special tale by Cathy English

Revelstoke Museum Curator Cathy English will be reading a special story or children during the New Moon Family Street Festival this Saturday. The story reading will be at the Museum at 2 pm – with a New Moon Scavenger Hunt to follow. Cathy says the story has a time-travel angle and should be quite entertaining for imaginative boys and girls. Here’s an excerpt from her tale, which is entitled Moon Over Mackenzie: One winter evening, Molly and James were walking down Mackenzie Avenue. Even though it was nighttime, it was still quite bright out. “There must be a full moon,” said Molly, Molly and James walked across the street to where the Dollar Store and Talisman are now and saw that it was Bews Drug Store. In the window was a blue bottle with a skull and crossbones on it. “That’s a poison bottle,” said James. There were many other bottles of funny looking medicines in the store window. “I’m glad we don’t have to take any of these medicines,” said Molly. “I bet they taste awful.” But when they looked into the sky, they couldn’t see the moon. Now they were really starting to get worried. They saw a man walking by with a pair of skates slung over his shoulder. Molly was going to talk to him, but James stopped her. “I don’t think a girl would talk to a strange man in this time. Better let me do it.” Molly and James looked at each other and started laughing. “Do you think Mom and Dad will ever believe us?” James asked. Want to hear the whole thing? Then come on down to the Revelstoke Museum & Archives this Saturday, September 25, at 2 pm to enjoy this literary treat!