Theatre Sports is BACK!

Members of the Revelstoke Theatre Sports group mug for the camera before their premiere performance to an appreciative audience at the Visual Arts Centre last spring. Photo courtesy of Anita Hallewas/Theatre Sports

By Toni Johnston

Hooray!  The fun begins September 27.

Anita Hallewas will again be organizing teams for Theatre Sports with the help of  Kelly Zurba.  And they are games!

We practice various games with names like Slide Show and  Death in a Minute.  Teams practice the game rules with the audience suggesting topics or locations or names of props to be included in that game.  Each team then performs according to the rules of the game. We will play until the end of November when we perform in competition pitting two or more teams against each other.  There are three judges for this performance awarding scores for entertainment value, following rules and team work.

We have a room at the Community Centre for each Monday night from 7 – 9 pm.  If you are curious about Theatre Sports, just come and watch. We love an audience.

Toni Johnston is an enthusiastic booster for Theatre Sports