Sunday’s Steamer challenged 59 cyclists

Cyclist Sarah Newton was one 59 men and women who came out for the 2010 Steamer on Sunday. Michael Welch photo

59 participants braved this year’s Mt. Revelstoke Steamer; a 27 km, 1,600m elevation road climb. It was a beautiful day, and records were broken. This years winner was Matt Hadley.

“We had 59 participants this year; down a bit from previous years, no doubt because of the weather,” said organizer Brendan MacIntosh. “It was raining, but that just added an extra challenge to the event!”

Please go to for additional details. And, if you were in the Steamer on Sunday, you’ll probably like to see the full set of photos taken by photographers Michael Welch and Bruno Long during the event. Michael’s images are at while Bruno’s are at

Here are some of Michael Welch’s images, and this year’s overall results:

The Steamer is a 27-km, 1,600m-elevation road climb up Mount Revelstoke. Michael Welch photo
Despite the rain it was a great day for race. Michael Welch photo
When you're a dedicated cyclist what's not to like about the Steamer? You're exerting yourself outdoors and the scenery is always fantastic. Michael Welch photo