Inconsistent enforcement bugs a recently ticketed local

I recently got a $50 ticket for parking along side the curb by the Cooper’s parking lot, across from the bakery.  I do know there is a sign there limiting parking time to 2 hours, but have never had a problem in the almost two years that I have worked at the Bargain Shop.

The reason I park there is to not take up the parking for Coopers and all those stores, and I don’t park out front of my work as that parking is nice to be left for the bakery and bargain shop.  I also don’t park in Cooper’s as I see the motorhomes cram in there and have had my car dented from one scrapping alongside it.  I like to park where I can keep an eye on my vehicle, unfortunately with this town growing there is more mischief that happens.

Long story short I got a ticket and will most likely have to pay it, I phoned City Hall and didn’t get much help, was told that if i had bought a paper ages ago…or heard the radio I would know of the “free” parking lots in town, which happen to be several blocks away from my work, and definitely out of my sight.  The tickets are also interesting as it was soaking wet on my windshield from rain, can’t even read the car make on it or anything and there is no contact number to contest the ticket.

What really is frustrating is that for a few weeks now we (several ladies at my work) having been phoning around to different places (health numbers, city hall, WCB, etc…) to try and get the smoking bylaw enforced.  People smoke out back in the alley behind us (where) we haul stock through our doors and the smell makes us head-achey and sick and I personally am allergic to it.  We have asked them to stop, but got met with resistance so I FINALLY found a tobacco control program, out of town, that will deal with it, but only when one of their bylaw enforcers pass through town.

Funny how we are supposed to obey the bylaw, but there is no one to enforce it, and it is one that has serious health concerns.  And now the city has people enforcing parking which hurts no one, doesn’t make sense to me!?

Thanks for taking the time to read my rant,

Jodie Graham