Inconsistent bylaw enforcement prompts a good-neighbourly response

I can certainly feel for you for getting the ticket. Kinda like when I come to work and the Bargain Store has pre-empted my parking spot in the back with their cardboard recycling bin. This is space that is part and parcel of my lease which I pay for monthly. I felt like I was being fined for something I did not do. Not a great way to start my day.

As to the smoking bylaw; I personally went out back and measured the distances from the doors to make sure we were in compliance. Unfortunately, the configuration of the building and the doors puts the legal smoking area directly in the path of the Bargain shops back door. Please confirm with your bylaw officer or check here at Where has smoking been banned?

In the interest of maintaining good relations and alleviating the aggravation of a fellow humans allergy, I have ASKED my staff to proceed further down the alley when smoking. Hopefully this will defuse the situation.
Kind Regards,
Brigitte Sonnenberg
Chalet Bakery