In Pictures: The Tea Party, a photo essay by Rob Buchanan

What to do on a rainy Revelstoke Friday with five little girls between the ages of four and five? Why have a Fancy Nancy Tea Party at Sangha Bean Café, of course.

Krista Cadieux provided the tea and Kendra Powell from Mountain Meals created the cream cheese and cucumber finger sandwiches and ants on a log (celery, cream cheese and raisins). The girls dressed in their tea-party best and talked of all things delightful, puting the “dreadful” rain at bay for an afternoon of sophistication.

“It was a great thing to do and the kids loved dressing up,” said photographer Rob Buchanan, who was very pleased to shoot this social event.

The Current is equally happy to share them with everyone in town.

And so, without further ado, here is The Tea Party, a photo essay by Rob Buchanan:

Sidney and Mimi sip tea. Rob Buchanan photo
Pouring tea with Mauve. Rob Buchanan photo
Helping with gloves. Rob Buchanan photo
Dora's emerald shoes. Rob Buchanan photo
Aislin and Nora discuss Barbie while Mauve listens. Rob Buchanan photo
Perfect for a rainy day tea party: a three-tiered food tray from Mountain Meals. Rob Buchanan photo
Mimi enjoyed her ants on a log. Rob Buchanan photo
Eventually, the conversation turned to butterflies. Rob Buchanan photo
Mimi and Sidney demonstrate the proper way for young ladies to sit. Rob Buchanan photo
Gazing through a peacock feather. Rob Buchanan photo
The glove. Rob Buchanan photo
Mauve with the gift of a tea cup. Rob Buchanan photo
The tea party girls. Rob Buchanan photo