Drumming for world peace

Drummers (from left to right) Toni Johnston, Ken Jones, Clara Maltby, Nancy Geismar, Colleen Wall, Hayden Mallett, Giles Shearing and Victoria Long work on their rhythm at the United Church. Laura Stovel photo

By Toni Johnston

Like to drum?  Want to be part of a drumming circle?  Every Sunday at 4 pm there is a circle of drummers who meet in the basement of the United Church.  Today, Sunday September 12, we are preparing for a special drumming event that will include the entire planet doing a heart beat drum for global unity.

This event for us, will take place at Grizzly Plaza at 4 pm on Saturday, September 18. Every community around the world will be drumming on that day and at about the same time.  The drum circle will continue to meet each Sunday afternoon at 4 pm in the church basement if we have enough interest.  So, all you people that have been hankering for a drumming group, here is your chance.