Cash from parking fines starts trickling into City coffers

By David F. Rooney

It’s not in the millions, but cash is starting to trickle into the City’s coffers as a result of active enforcement of the existing parking bylaws.

Figures presented to City Council last Tuesday show that 59 tickets worth $3,000 in fines have been issued since active enforcement began in July.

“We have a commissionaire who is actively engaged in parking enforcement,” Planning Director John Guenther told Mayor David Raven and City Councillors.

Depending on whether you’re one of the people getting dinged, parking enforcement is either a welcome — or unwelcome — development.

Revelstoke’s parking bylaws are not new. They’ve been on the books for years but have not been enforced — until now.

However, now they are and local residents who have previously enjoyed the luxury parking all day in two-hour parking zones are now finding tickets slipped under their windshield wipers.

Overtime parking is the most common  ticket issued. So far this year 30 have been issued. Their value? $1,500. The other tickets issued by the parking police include 11 worth $550 for parking by a yellow curb, seven worth $350 for parking facing the wrong direction, nine worth

$450 for parking where prohibited, one worth $100 for having an insecure load and one worth $50 for double parking.