A new face at the helm of the NCES

With a Master’s degree in environmental studies hanging on her wall Hailey Ross is probably one of the best-equipped individuals to take the reins at the North Columbia Environmental Society.

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce our new team,” said outgoing president Sarah Newton, who will stay on the board as its new secretary. “Hailey has done a tremendous amount of work as a volunteer and CBT contractor in years past and this year for the NCES.  She has a… wealth of experience with other environmental groups in eastern Canada.  Hailey is also organizing our CBT-funded speaker’s series and community events.

In a statement, the NCES said Alice Weber will remain as vice-president and as leader of the NCES Downtown Community Garden

New board member Jody Lownds will be the treasurer. She is a lawyer who has worked on environmental initiatives when she worked in Ottawa.

Carol Prince, Heather Lea and Jim Maitre are also returning to the NCES board as directors at large.

“Jim is a longstanding member of the NCES board and will continue to give guidance and feedback on local issues of concern,” the statement said. “Jim will also lend a hand to our efforts to see a strong and effective cosmetic pesticide bylaw come to fruition.

“Heather is back for a second term and will specialize in graphics, proofing all NCES correspondence, and keeping data on our membership.

“Carol is also returning for a second term and we thank her for her work as secretary this past year. She will now focus on membership drives and the completion of two eco-fact sheets in the upcoming year.”

The next general meeting of the NCES is scheduled for Thursday, October 21 at 7 pm at the Community Centre.