Send your boss to jail with the Hooked-up to Help fund-raiser

The local Mounties and Crime Stoppers want to give you a chance to send your boss to jail.

A statement said that on Friday August 27 from 11 am until 3 pm RCMP auxiliary constables and Revelstoke Crimestoppers will be hosting a Hooked-up to Help fund-raiser in support of the Cops for Kids program and the Revelstoke Search and Rescue Association.

During the week of August 9 we will be canvassing local businesses, asking them to pledge their support by raising money to have the RCMP auxiliaries pick up their boss and take him or her to a novelty jail at Coopers where they will be photographed in prison clothes and released.

This fun social event will help raise money for the BC Cops for Kids Program; led in Revelstoke by Const. Scott Guthrie, as well as help purchase a FLIR Thermal Imaging Device for the Revelstoke Search and Rescue Association to be used to help them locate missing people in the Revelstoke area.

Cops for Kids are dedicated RCMP members and support people of the RCMP Southeast District who are committed to assisting children who have medical, physical or trauma crises within the Southern Interior Region of British Columbia. This charitable foundation was formed in 2001 and has tirelessly worked to support children in communities served by the RCMP.

A signature event, the Cops for Kids Ride, gives the program an opportunity to not only showcase sponsors but raise awareness and the much-needed funds to continue its pledge to help kids in crisis! This grueling ten-day ride occurs each September over some very challenging terrain.

Revelstoke Crimestoppers works in association with the public, the media, and the police to solve crime and make Revelstoke a safer place to live.

Founded 1952, the Revelstoke Search and Rescue Association are experienced in ground, embankment, and cliff searches, ice, avalanche, and still water rescues. They receive training and support from BC’s Provincial Emergency Preparedness program. Members receive training in basic SAR techniques and many have rope rescue training. Five members are trained team leaders; three are trained SAR managers, and one basic SAR instructor.  Four are trained in swift-water rescue.  Revelstoke SAR also has three search dogs.

For more information please contact Const. Gary McLaughlin of the Revelstoke RCMP at 250-837-5255.