Railway Days In Pictures: Saturday

By David F. Rooney

Railway Days continued through Saturday with visitors flocking to the CP Rail Museum Car to see the Last Spike, the ever-popular Pufferbelly ride and, at Centennial Park, Timber Days Lite — the abbreviated one-day version of the normally multi-day event.

So far, this appears to be a very successful version of Timber Days. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some scenes from around town of many of the day’s events:

Volunteer and former mayor Shelby Harvey flipped some pretty mean flapjacks at the Forestry Museum's Logger's Breakfast in the City parking lot by Grizzly Plaza Saturday morning. Pancakes, sausages or bacon plus a glass of OJ was a bargain at just $5. David F. Rooney photo
Shoppers thronged the Railway Festival Sidewalk Sale on First Street West on Saturday. David F. Rooney photo
The CP Rail Pufferbelly, long a favourite attraction during Railway Days, never failed to exercise its magic where kids and families were concerned. David F. Rooney photo
If you were waiting to catch the Pufferbelly for a scenic ride along Track Street you could always prevail on one of the crew members to snap a pictre of you and your family with Cornelius The Beaver. David F. Rooney photo
Paige MacKenzie (center) really enjoyed the desserts she helped judge during the annual judging of locally made baked goods. She and fellow Flower Girl Mercedes Loeppky (right) helped Revelstoke Second Princess Amber Hart and Revelstoke Princess Saara Tapanainen determine which local residents produced the best baked goods in Revelstoke. David F. Rooney photo
Lynda Lafleur, the Columbia Basin Trust's community representative for this region, thoroughly enjoyed her stint as a judge. David F. Rooney photo
Paige MacKenzie holds one of the special cartoons produced by Times Review Cartoonist Rob Buchanan for the Bake-Off. David F. Rooney photo
The ever-diplomatic Geoff Horne auctioned off the pies, scones and other desserts produced for the Bake-Off. The winners were Mary Pedersen for her Berry Ice Cream, Nicole Mackenzie for her Raspberry Scones and Janice McNutt for her Huckleberry-Bumbleberry Pie and Huckleberry Bonanza. The Current especially enjoyed Janice's products. We bought them and brought them home to be enjoyed at our leisure. David F. Rooney photo
Here's something you don't see every day: two young girls dressed as ice cream cones. They tap-danced and sashayed their way around the Timber days Lite grounds at Centennial Park trying to entice spectators into purchasing their wares. Were they successful? It was very hot and the ice cream was very cold... what do you think? David F. Rooney photo
Timber Days Lite, which was just one day folded into the larger, community-wide Railway Festival, saw Cooper Horning (left) face off against Oceana Parsons in the tots division of the crowd-pleasing Pie Gobble Contest. David F. Rooney photo
Older kids had a crack at gobbling down pie in record time, too. These contestants are, in no particular order, Rogan Cambell, Lawrence Nielsen, Lane Sorken, Magnum Nielsen and Sadiya Parsons. David F. Rooney photo
We don't have the names of these adult gobblers but, as you can see, they certainly got into the spirit of this traditional event. David F. Rooney photo
New Democratic MLA Norm Macdonald (left) and his partner Bob Larson beat Mayor David Raven and Ernie Larson in the traditional Political Saw-Off at the Timber Days Lite logging sports celebration at Centennial Park. Is this a this a sign of political things to come? Hmmm. There's a provincial election coming in 2013 or perhaps even sooner if the Anti-HST campaign's plans to initiate recall against BC Liberal MLAs is successful. David F. Rooney photo
Samantha Riley of Fort Perry, Ont., and Erin Randall of Calgary were two of the female contestants in the International Spike Driving Competition at the CP Rail Yards on Saturday. The competition pitted Canadian and American railway workers against each other to ho could drive railway spikes the fastest. David F. Rooney photo
Cody Bouchers beats Bob Larson in one of the chainsaw events at Timber Days Lite on Saturday. Reduced to just one day, the event managed to attract a decent-sized crowd of logging sports enthusiasts. David F. Rooney photo
Revelstoke Museum Curator Cathy English poses with the museum's new exhibit, Overwhelmed, which marks the contribution and sacrifice of the 58 men who died in the 1910 Rogers Pass Avalanche. Parks Canada will be holding a special commemoration at the site of that tragedy on Sunday, August 15, at 2 pm, Everyone in town is invited. David F. Rooney photo
Assisted by Tomo Fujimura, who performed an heroic amount of research on the 1910 Avalanche, Mayor David Raven graciously thanks the families of many of the 32 dead Japanese workers who came for Sunday's special commemoration in Rogers Pass. David F. Rooney photo
Bob Rogers (left), Bill Lockie and Mark Langridge performed jazz and blues at the Museum & Archives' Beer and Wings with Ronnie Kwon. David F. Rooney photo
Patti Matsushita (left) counts up the cash as Marcia and John Woods look on at the Beer & Wings event. Patti, her husband Mas, the Woods, David and Edna Mae Johnson, Jim and Karen Tierney and David Rooney and Sue Leach formed an impromptu syndicate that won the grand prize in the Revelstoke Museum's silent auction on Saturday: a dinner for 20 people catered by Ronnie Kwon. David F. Rooney photo