Parks Canada readies its special Memory Garden

Parks Canada is installing the Memory Garden in Rogers Pass that it will publicly unveil on August 15 as a memorial to the people who built the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Trans-Canada Highway and the workers who died in the avalanche of 1910.

Members of the public are invited to attend the unveiling during the Rogers Pass 1910 Avalanche Commemoration at 2 pm in Rogers Pass. This event will be one of the real highlights of the 2010 Railway Days festivities.

Memory Garden designer Rob Buchanan was kind enough to send The Revelstoke Current some photos of Parks staff putting the finishing touches on it and we would gratefully like share to share them with you:

Parks Canada welder and artist Don Streeter puts the finishing touches on the railway bell that is to be incorporated into the Rogers Pass Memory Garden during a special ceremony on August 15. Rob Buchanan photo
The Memory Garden has a distinctly Japanese feel to it with its elements surrounded by fine gravel that admirers can rake into patterns, as Bruno Long is doing here. Rob Buchanan photo
Courtenay, a Parks Canada fire fighter, levels the grade at the garden. Rob Buchanan photo
A crane lowers one of the six bronzed sculpture panels created by Rob Buchanan and Rob Maraun into position at the garden. Rob Buchanan photo
A wooden rake carves furrows in the gravel surrounding the garden. Rob Buchanan photo