Ode To My Best Friend

Ode To My Best Friend

By Vanessa Smith

Basil was not only Vanessa Smith's long-time canine companion but a favourite fixture at her Grizzly Book & Serendipity Shoppe, who warmly greeted customers and was loved and greeted in return. He will be missed, as Vanessa's heart-felt poem so accurately expresses. The Revelstoke Current's sympathies go our to her.

A black ball of fur named “Bear”

Was the first time I was aware,

That my Best Friend would have four legs

One that would never, ever beg!

BASIL was his name when we got home that day

From a place called Lillooet – far, far away,

He spent his nights in a play pen, yes siree

Because we all know puppies have to go pee!!

He’d pop his head up over the rail

Looking energetic and wagging his tail,

“Come on”, his look would say, it’s 2am

Time to go outside – get me out of this play pen!!

As the years went by and Basil grew up

He put on some pounds as he gobbled up his tuck,

He came everyday to the Grizzly Book store

Where all the customers would come and adore!!

Babies tugged on his silky, smooth ears

‘Cause Basil was so gentle; there were never any fears,

All who came and met my Best Friend

Will know my heart will be slow to mend!!

People came from all over the world

Taking pictures and petting his soft, black curls,

They’d laugh and giggle as he rolled on his back

Waiting for a belly rub or a loving pat!!

But alas the day came when he didn’t get to his feet

& wag his tail as the famous bookstore “Meet & Greet”,

Instead he’d lie quietly by the counter or front door

Only wanting LOVE, nothing more!!

Today I let my Best Friend go in peace

To meet his maker – it was bitter sweet release,

I loved you so much, I’ll miss you my friend

Adieu, adieu until we meet again!