Vehicle break-ins abound. Are you protecting your property?

By David F. Rooney

A wave of vehicle break-ins in three areas of the city — Southside, Arrow Heights and Columbia Park — have local RCMP warning people to “lock your doors.”

Staff Sgt. Jackie Olsen said Wednesday that 11 break-ins were reported in the Columbia Park area on the weekend and there have been dozens more in Arrow Heights and Southside in recent weeks.

“There are probably even more than that because there are surely people out there who have not reported the thefts to police,” she said.

Olsen said the thieves have been stealing iPods, purses, spare change, GPS units, stereo equipment and satellite radio receivers — almost anything of value that they can easily cart away.

While all of the break-ins have been restricted to vehicles parked in driveways or in front of people’s residences, “it’s probably a good idea to start locking your doors.”

Police are actively investigating the thefts and if you believe you have been the victim of a vehicle break-in you should report it to local RCMP at 250-837-5255.