Reading Rocks!

Assistant Librarian Lucie Bergeron (center right) leads a group of Summer Reading Club members on an exercise in Reading Rocks. In this case the kids were creating conglomerates using small objects, play dough and some physical pressure. David F. Rooney photo
Head Librarian Joan Holzer helps Summer Reading Club members produce their jars of "sedimentary rock" during a club activity structured around this year's theme of Reading Rocks. David F. Rooney photo
Helen Blackie shows kids how to make their own "pet rocks." David F. Rooney photo
Daniel Blackie (center right in the blue T-shirt) tells kids the rules for making a building out of flimsy plastic fruit baskets. The "building" is to contain an egg in a plastic bag and the object of the game is to simulate an earthquake and see if their building will be strong enough to prevent the egg from being broken in the earthquake. David F. Rooney photo