Raise that roof!

Wednesday was a big day for the Revelstoke Community Housing Society, Okanagan College and the students in its Residential Construction Program. The students were contracted to build the foundation and structure for the society's very first housing project — a duplex on Oscar Street. And on Thursday morning with just about everything else ready to go a crane was brought in to lift the roof and place it on top of the over-and-under duplex. In the bottom frame you can see Renee Myers (left) and Mary Kline of Okanagan College watching the the operation. David F. Rooney photos
It took a while, but the roof was carefully maneuvered into place. Society director Glen O'Reilly said each half of the duplex is about 1,100 square feet in size and has three bedrooms. "The college's students are taking it to lock up," he said, adding that the term refers to the stage of the construction process at which all of the doors and windows have been installed and the structure can be locked up. David F. Rooney photos
O'Reilly (on the right in the top photo) and Frisby Ridge Construction's Murray Velichko (on the left in the same image) watch as the roof is ever-so-gently lowered into place and students begin securing it to the main structure. Frisby Ridge has been contracted to oversee completion of the duplex, which will be rented out by the society. In the bottom frame you can see all of the people who helped put the lid on the duplex on Wednesday morning. Oh! And just in case you're wondering, the tree was attached to the roof by college Residential Construction Instructor Bob Reed for good luck. Great work, guys! David F. Rooney photos