In Pictures: Canada Day 2010!

By David F. Rooney

For a while on Thursday it looked as though the all-important Canada Day parade, flag raising and cake-cutting might be rained out. It threatened and blustered but light rain did not really materialize until the evening.

Still and all, everyone who was downtown — and that looked to be a well over a thousand people — appeared to have a great time.

How great was it? Well, The Current’s pictures tell the tale…

The Maritime Kitchen Party's Shannon Sternloff (left), Trevor Wallach and Steve Smith offered up musical entertainment before and after the parade. David F. Rooney photo
There was quite a decent crowd waiting for the parade downtown on Thursday afternoon. David F. Rooney photo
Parents with kids had a handy place to deposit them for at least a few minutes of entertainment in the kids activities area managed by Team Gloria. David F. Rooney photo
And here comes the parade, led by a colour party from the No. 2458 Army Cadets unit. David F. Rooney photo
What can you say about unicyclists? They are always great! David F. Rooney photo
Next up were a school of kids carrying painted sturgeons in honour of the City's latest public art works — steel sturgeon and kokanee sculptures at the intersection of Mackenzie and Third. David F. Rooney photo
And here are some of the children carrying their sturgeon. David F. Rooney photo
This year there was a really, really big kid carrying a sturgeon. David F. Rooney photo
Peter Bernacki was the happy chauffeur for Citizen of the Year Clancy Boettger. David F. Rooney photo
Meanwhile, on board the Fire Department's antique ladder car, Dan Hutchison chauffeured Mayor David Raven. David F. Rooney photo
Miss Revelstoke Ambassador Karina Foisy waves to the crowd. David F. Rooney photo
Convertibles bearing the rest of Revelstoke's Ambassador Program royalty approach the intersection of Mackenzie and First as the rest of the parade stretches back into the distance. David F. Rooney photo
Andrea Threatful, who is a candidate to become the BC Ambassador in Merritt next month. David F. Rooney photo
From pretty girls to... okay... Dennis Berarducci. It's a bit of leap but that's all right cause Dennis is always up for a party on Canada Day. He was driving his antique Studebaker in the parade. David F. Rooney photo
Dan Boltwood and Barry Ozero drive their team of Percherons past the admiring crowd. David F. Rooney photo
ATVer Tom Dickson stops to toss candy to children on the edge of the crowd. David F. Rooney photo
From ATVs to even smaller vehicles — in this case miniature Austin Minis bearing the Last Call logo. David F. Rooney photo
Shirley Hansen of Crime Stoppers had a great afternoon behind bars. David F. Rooney photo
Smokey the Bear (right) does his thing as Ministry of Forests firefighters parade past the crowd, pausing — now and then — to cool off spectators with a shot of H2O. David F. Rooney photo
You cannot have a parade in Revelstoke without the Fire Department's participation. Smokey the Bear (right) does his thing as Ministry of Forest firefighters parade past the crowd, pausing — now and then — to cool off spectators with a shot of pure H2O. David F. Rooney photo
It sometimes seems as though you cannot go to a parade anywhere in BC without running into these enthusiastic boosters — the Vernon Shrine Club's mini-cars. They're everywhere!. Smokey the Bear (right) does his thing as Ministry of Forest firefighters parade past the crowd, pausing — now and then — to cool off spectators with a shot of H2O. David F. Rooney photo
And they're prepared, too! David F. Rooney photo
Veteran local Shriner Bill Gill got to ride in style. David F. Rooney photo
These clowns put a smile on everyone's face with these great bubbles. David F. Rooney photo
Boomer, the Parks Canada beaver, gets a high five from a young friend as he and Jacolyn Daniluk wandered along the parade route. David F. Rooney photo
Parks Canada has a pretty elaborate float that marked the 125th anniversary of the founding of Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks. In excellent period costumes are Marnie Digiandomenico, Haley Johnson, Joe Daniel and Catherine Bellerose. David F. Rooney photo
And pulling up strongly behind Parks Canada came the paddlers of the Lake Revelstoke Dragon Boat Society. David F. Rooney photo
As the parade ended, Mayor David Raven formally unveiled — all right... everyone has seen them for days but there was a temporary commemorative plaque — the City's latest public art acquisitions. These steel sturgeon and kokanee at Mackenzie and Third have so far proven to be an instant hit with locals and visitors. The artists who created these works, Kevin Kratz (center right) and James Kartheim (right) were on hand for the occasion. David F. Rooney photo
Who says art can't be patriotic? David F. Rooney photo
This is a view east along Mackenzie from Third Street. David F. Rooney photo
It's Canada Day and you know there are going to be speeches, anthems and official what nots. This is the official party on hand at the bandstand in Grizzly Plaza for the official kick off: (from left to right in front) Citizen of the Year Clancy Boettger, Miss Revelstoke Princess Saara Tapanainen, a pretty but alas unnamed flower girl, Miss Revelstoke Karina Foisy, another flower girl and Miss Revelstoke Princess Second Runner-up Amber Hart and the guy in the shorts is Master of Ceremonies EZ Rock DJ Steve Smith, who did a very good job, by the way. In back are (from left to right) Mayor David Raven, RCMP Cont. Gallant and singer Sharon Shook. David F. Rooney photo
Canada Day festivities are old hat for native-born Canadians like Heather Duchman and Ruth Boettger (both on the left) but while Gary and Jackie Pendergast (on the right) have seen a few, this year's was a very special one since they became Canadian citizens just last week (you can see our story and photos of that event in the Community section or by using the search field on the right side of your screen). David F. Rooney photo
Sharon Shook belts out O Canada, as one of the flower girls watches. David F. Rooney photo
Members of the No 2458 Army Cadets unit raise the flag. David F. Rooney photo
This woman is EVERYWHERE! Not only does Heather Duchman organize the Canada Day celebration year (and believe me that demands a real bag of tricks) but here she is cutting the cake, too, under the watchful eyes of a number of children. Of course... they just want to make sure every slice is the same size. David F. Rooney photo
Who wants cake? Everyone it seems. The traditional birthday cake was baked by the Chalet Bakery and was swiftly devoured. David F. Rooney photo
A number of groups had tables out at Grizzly Plaza, one of them being the Fair Trade Society. Here, Susan Knight calls to fellow member Mary Clayton (obviously in a hurry on the right) as John Guenther offers a flag to his wife, Shirley Berg as Knight's husband, Corin Flood, gestures on the left. The coolest cucumbers in this photo? The two boys seated at the table — Owen Flood and Caleb Guenther. David F. Rooney photo
Kiko the Eco Elf paints Kurtis Kinoshita's face in the kids' activities area. David F. Rooney photo
Wings? Coming right up! Mary Kwong (left) was the point of contact and sale for Ronnie Kwong's Pings Wings concession that had people lined up half way down the block. David F. Rooney photo
Ronnie Kwong's smile never wavered as he cooked away to feed a crowd that never seemed to shrink. David F. Rooney photo
Rick Reynolds signs a petition protesting the City's attempt to push food vendor Dale Caverly out of his spot in the parking lot beside the bears at Mackenzie Street and Victoria Road. He has been offering up burgers, steaks and dogs in that location since last year and was given two days to get out. David F. Rooney photo
What's the City's word worth when it will grant a one-man vending operation permission to operate in one location and then — months later — try to push him out? That's Dale Caverly's take on a deadline he was given. He had until 6:30 am on Friday to vacate his spot or the City would take action. David F. Rooney photo
Andrea Pont gives the photographer the not-so-Evil Eye as she and her husband, Curt, enjoy a cold one with friends at the beer garden. "You're always putting me in The Current!" she wailed. The "always" part is patently not true. She has not been in The Current since March 31. David F. Rooney photo
Parks Canada storyteller April Revitt offers a length of string to a young member of her audience as Joe Daniel and (top) and Nikki Nattress (right) look on. Revitt was telling a stories on the steps of City Hall. David F. Rooney photo
The Canada Day headliners, It's About Time, strike the first chord for an evening of music at Grizzly Plaza. David F. Rooney photo