Hi from Peterborough!

Dear Dragon Boat Supporters: This is the only picture of the International Breast Cancer Festival in Peterborough Ontario where Joan Eley and I are. We are both in the front row center (Ginger is fourth from the left and Joan is third from the right). Seventy-five teams showed up to celebrate life and show others that there is life after cancer. The team I had the privilege to race with, the Spirit Warriors from Kamloops, is the Breast Cancer Dragon Boat Team Joan oined when she moved this year. We placed 17th and have no problem bragging about being 17th in the world! There is something magical and inspirational that happens to each and every person who experiences a global event of such magnitude. We return home full of positive energy with the belief that we can do anything we put our hearts into. What a powerful feeling! Global Breast Cancer Races are fairly new. This was the third. The first was in Vancouver. The second was in Australia. Joan and I were in the process of starting a dragon boat society in Revelstoke at the time so we had to focus on that and we dropped out of the global scene. This year we were thrilled to have this opportunity once again. We don't know where the next global race will be but we do know it will not be in Canada for some time. The challenge will only occur every four years. Italy and England are apparently having a bidding war. Where ever it is, Joan and I will be there. Love to you all, Ginger. Photo courtesy of Ginger Shoji