Dam Survivors in Harrison

The Lake Revelstoke Dragon Boat Society Team, known as the Dam Survivors, pose at the Harrison DragonFest on July 24. There where 59 teams that competed in 48 races that day. The teams consisted of either all women and or mixed with a maximum of six women per team. The teams were from all over BC including two teams from the U.S. Team's ages ranged from 16 to mature. The Dam Survivors final placing was in the C Division Mixed Team. In the bottom row (from left to right) are: Angela Duke; Patty Hill; Nicole Wieser; Yolanda Barton; Barb Little; Michelle Wieser; and Diane Andrews;. In the second row are: Vicky Brown; Bev Campbell; Chris Cole (Golden); Sue Lamont; Susan Hind of Salmon Arm; Coach Ginger Shoji; Jackie Goodman; and Gloria and Tom Mackey of Salmon Arm. In the third row are Michael I.; Jackie Morris; John Hind of Salmon Arm; Sally Jespersen of Salmon Arm; and Jen Wolney. Photo courtesy of Ms. Wieser