Arts Centre’s My Revelstoke and Further Works from Art in the Park shows are certain to stimulate you

By David F. Rooney

From Ron Nixon’s exquisite pencil work to the dazzling colour palettes of Nicola McGarry and Tina Lindegaard, the Visual Arts Centre’s two new shows, My Revelstoke and After the Event: Further Works from Art in the Park, provide a veritable feast for the senses.

The shows open Friday, July 2, at 6 pm and fill all three of The Centre’s galleries.

I had a sneak preview of the shows as they were being hung by Jackie Pendergast, The Centre’s executive director, and I have to say there is work in there from some of the city’s best-known and least known artists. Not only are there paintings by McGarry, Lindegaard, Cecilia Lea and Sue Davies, but there  are two from someone I never thought of as a visual artist: musician and teacher Shannon Sternloff.

The show is definitely worth seeing on several levels but why read my ramblings when you can scroll down and see 10 representative images from the two shows:

Fire Cloud by Cecilia Lea. David F. Rooney photo
Black Mountain by Sandra Flood has a volcanic quality. David F. Rooney photo
Reminiscent of Tommy Thompson's iconic painting, The West Wind, Nicola McGarry's Last Light Before The Storm stands out. David F. Rooney photo
You can feel the peaceful solitude of this beach in Jacqueline Pendergast's fabric work, Calm. David F. Rooney photo
Sue Davies' side-by-side works, Mountain Meadow (left) and Another Hidden Jewel. Davies has clear mastery of realistic landscape painting. David F. Rooney photo
Tina Lindegaard's We Meet Up Here fuses hot and cool colours to create a one coherent whole. David F. Rooney photo
One thing you notice in any Rachel Kelly painting, such as Alpine Glow: its plants and trees almost seem to dance with joy. David F. Rooney photo
Over Subtle and beguiling: Tracy MacFarlane's three works — Over The Glacier, Past The Basin and Onto The Ridge. David F. Rooney photo
Paula Cravens painting, Across the Columbia is one of the best bridge paintings I've seen in a long time. David F. Rooney photo
Ron Nixon once again shows that he is the king of the coloured pencil with this lovely work, Backyard Visitor. David F. Rooney photo