Apologies close the Scratch controversy

By David F. Rooney

Apologies to Mark McKee and his family from Scratch owner Dale Caverly and Mayor David Raven appear to have put an end to the controversy revolving around Caverly’s claim to be entitled to park his mobile vending operation in the municipal parking lot next to Grizzly Plaza.

Caverly apologized online (you can read his full apology in the Comments Section at the bottom of this link) this past weekend. A printed version of his apology was included in this week’s Council agenda.

“I wish to make it clear that former Mayor Mark McKee was never involved with any sort of Vandalism involving Scratch, my unfixed concession trailer,” he said. “Nor, did I ever intend to implicate him in this matter… I wish to extend my apologies to Mr. McKee, his wife, and family.”

McKee said late last week that he has spoken with Caverly and was willing to accept his apology. He also offered the food vendor unspecified business advice.

Caverly’s apology was followed Tuesday by an apology from Mayor David Raven on behalf of Council. He said he was dismayed by the way that accusations and counter-accusations were made in the Council Chamber and wanted offered his apologies to the McKee family.

In a final postscript of sorts, Council voted unanimously to have it inserted into the record that they hoped Caverly would apologize to City Planner John Guenther for calling him a liar.