The Big Eddy Jamboree is NOT a public event

By David F. Rooney

A poster sent to me by musicians Marty and Waneta Stroo for something they were calling the “Big Eddy Jamboree” has attracted much more attention than they ever thought would happen.

It turns out the poster was intended as a personal invitation to me — not an actual musical event — and even though it was being staged on the same day as the Revelstoke Music Festival it wasn’t apparently intended to be an alternative to the music festival.

“Now we have the music fest people calling and they are not happy,” Waneta said in an e-mail. “Your wording that our party was an “alternative to the Music Fest ” has put us in a very bad light. “This is very unfortunate… We just wanted to throw a little party and jam with our friends, like we have done on many occasions.

“If I wanted you to publish the invite I would have specifically asked for that.  I realize this is a misunderstanding, and I see that you took it off the line up. But it is out there in the hard copy and you need to print something in the online paper that it was a mistake and a private function.  That way some people will get to read it and maybe these frantic phone calls will stop.

“I’m sure we will laugh at this one day, but today it’s damage control.”

I am sure all of the above is true. But if that’s the case don’t ever send me a poster for something that looks like an event — not a private party.

There is a lesson or two in all of this of course. I’m not psychic but often wish I was, particularly since I’m a very literal guy when I’m working (which is most of the time). And if you want to notify The Current of an event please be very clear.

In the meantime, everyone concerned has my apologies for the original posting, thereby raising anxiety levels and blood pressure.