Rising prices bringing back bad memories

I loved your article with the comparisons between Coopers, South Side, Askews and Vernon’s Superstore.  I noticed just this past week while rushing through my grocery list at Coopers that the price of one box of KD has increased to $1.99!

I used to preach “Shop Local” to everybody I came into contact with but the change in cost of living in Revelstoke these last couple of years has shut me up.  My business of 17 years has been struggling increasingly since late 2008 but I have not increased my prices except when my suppliers’ price increased.  I imagine some of the local stores are using the huge cost of property taxes as their excuse for gouging the locals (along with every visitor or transplant), but I see it as a simple practice of greed.

I’ve lived in Revelstoke since the early 1970s and today’s high prices bring back the “rip-off Revelstoke” memories of those dam-construction days.  I am seriously considering using some of my “spare-time” (of which there is very little!) to make monthly road-trips to Vernon or Salmon Arm to purchase most of my groceries.

I wonder how much I can save just on dogfood, catfood and Kraft Dinner?

Dinah Collette
Spice O’ Life Emporium