Property tax shocker

I am writing you today just to get a feel If I am the only one feeling a little shocked about the recently mailed out property tax invoices.

There was the talk about a 5% increase and probably and increase about the property assessments. But opening today’s mail I found my property taxes increased by 41% from last year. I certainly did not expect this in a time of financial crisis.

Living on Viers Crescent, I do not feel that anything improved. there is no sidewalk most of our propertis on this street have very big puddles infront of our houses as there is no rain/melt water sewer system set up. the streets only get plowed back here on very random terms.

And certainly my income did not increase 40% over the last couple of month due to economic uncertainty.

I am just writing this to find out If I am the only person feeling this way, or if I am missing something.


Thomas Bruchig