New schools’ project formally inaugurated

Representatives from the Acrobats, the Theatre Company, Early Childhood Education Committee, Child Care Society and other stakeholder groups joined with members of the School District 19 board of trustees and staff as well as representatives from the BC Ministry of Education and Graham Construction for a formal inauguration of the $53 million new schools' project. As you can see from the top frame of this image, work has been ongoing for quite some time. Most of the 45 workers on the site are local residents. SD 19 Chairman Alan Chell lauded the design team, the ministry for its support and Graham Construction for their professionalism and dedication to the project. Superintendent Ann Cooper (bottom frame) thanked the community and RSS Grade 10 students Brady Blake and Zev Isert said they were proud to be members of the first class that will graduate from the new high school. They also made a point of saying that high school students want to set a good example for the younger children who will be attending the adjacent elementary school. David F. Rooney photo