Need a tree dropped? Try Revelstoke Tree Care…

By David F. Rooney

For Bob Walker of Revelstoke Tree Care, the opportunity to climb a tall tree and cut it from the top down is both work and pleasure.

The Regina native who recently started up his own company here is an avid rock climber hence his familiarity with and enjoyment of climbing.

The work part is “removing hazardous trees safely and efficiently,” he said as he prepared to begin dropping six large birch and cottonwoods at the corner of Park and Mountain View in Arrow Heights last week.

Walker, who came here from Canmore where he had also practiced his skills as a climber and as tree cutter, said he specializes “in tricky removals in confined spaces and can usually remove trees without the use of a crane.”

That’s a money-saver right there, but, if necessary he can get a crane at an affordable rate.

Walker, who is also a writer and the author of Mountain Running in the Canadian Rockies (find out more about his book here), will also be offering wood chipping and an industrial dump truck to his service as well as tree planting.

You can find out more about Revelstoke Tree Care online at You can also call him direct at 250-837-2611 or e-mail him at

In the meantime, here are some photos of Bob and his crew at work:

Revelstoke Tree Care’s Bob Walker checks his chainsaw as he prepares to climb a tall and potentially hazardous cottonwood on a property in Arrow Heights last week. David F. Rooney photo
With spikes on his feet and a rope slung around the tree, Walker begins his climb. David F. Rooney photo
Walker enjoys these climbs as they are so similar to the rock climbing he also gets a kick out of doing. David F. Rooney photo
As he encounters branches that impede his up-tree progress he removes them with his small chainsaw. David F. Rooney photo
Within minutes, Walker is three-quarters of his way up the tree. David F. Rooney photo
Given the interest his client has in the tree-cutting operation you could almost call it a spectator sport. David F. Rooney photo
Walker (center, wearing the helmet) directs assistants Rory Conn (left) and CJ Wright as they begin gathering the remains of three tall birch trees Walker had dropped Thursday morning. David F. Rooney photo
Jocelyn Kucher (left) and CJ Wright (right) help gather the branches and wood from the three cottonwoods arborist Bob Walker dropped last week. David F. Rooney photo