Meet the new Seniors’ Centre volunteer coordinator — Jean Pedersen

Jean Pedersen, the newly hired volunteer coordinator at the Seniors' Centre, aims to make a difference. David F. Rooney photo

By David F. Rooney

The Seniors’ Centre’s new volunteer coordinator, Jean Pedersen, is the perfect choice for the job.

She’s competent, organized, well-spoken and she has a lot of experience working with seniors, having been employed at Moberly Manor for 10 years.

“I have always quite enjoyed working with the elderly,” the self-described “Prairie gopher” who has lived here since she was a teen, said in an interview last week. “I really want to help people maintain their independence.”

Jean said she has a list of tasks she wants to accomplish first:

  1. Establish a Volunteer Medical Transportation Program to help people get to their out-of-town medical appointments when the regular medical bus transportation is not available;
  2. Restart the Good Morning Call-out Program that once existed. This program puts people in touch, however briefly, with shut-ins — those seniors who never, or almost never, leave their homes; and
  3. Find new tutors to help interested seniors learn how to use computers and navigate the Internet.

If you’d like to help Jean accomplish these tasks please contact her at 250-837-9456 or drop by on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays when she’s at the centre from 9 am until 3 pm. You can also reach her by e-mail at If you’re sending her an e-mail please be sure to put her name in the subject line.