Local Mounties are G20-bound

By David F. Rooney

Two local Mounties, Constables Gary McLaughlin and Jamie Perreault, are packing their bags today and flying to Toronto tomorrow to help provide security at the G20 Summit.

It may sound glamorous, but Staff Sgt. Jacquie Olsen said it wouldn’t be very exciting.

“I worked on visits by the Queen and the Pope,” she said. “It’s not what you think.”

In fact, providing security is usually pretty boring. Considering how much money — $1 billion — is being spent on the G20 Summit, it’s likely that this event will be pretty stultifying, too.

Poor Gary. Poor Jamie. They’re gonna get to wear Kevlar vests  — Hey! Maybe full riot gear! — and God knows what else in Toronto’s sweltering heat for a week. And they won’t even get to see the famous “Fake Lake.”

“That’s just for you media guys,” Olsen laughed.