In Pictures: The Revelstoke Museum’s Multicultural Heritage Picnic in the Park

This composite panoramic image gives you a pretty good idea of what the action looked like at the Revelstoke Museum's Multicultural Heritage Picnic in the Park at Farwell Park on Sunday. Click on this image to see a larger version. David F. Rooney photo

By David F. Rooney

You know history is not a dead and dusty thing hidden away in the closet of Revelstoke’s collective life when a community event with an historical theme draws hundreds of people out for a day in the park — Farwell Park, that is.

For Farwell Park commemorates the city’s first name, Farwell, and the Revelstoke Museum & Archives’ Multicultural Heritage Picnic in the Park on Sunday marked the 125th anniversary of Farwell’s founding.

A number of people — not just museum volunteers — latched onto the historical theme and ran with it and there was lots to do during the event. In fact, here are a few few photos so you can see for yourself:

With Peter Waters playing the role of a town crier and Acting Mayor Chris Johnston (left, center) waiting in the wings, Revelstoke Museum Curator Cathy English introduces David and Karen Hardman. The Hardmans are visitors from England. David's great-uncle Walter was a mayor and businessman here. She introduced tyhem during the opening ceremony for the museum's Multicultural Heritage Picnic in the Park, which was held at Farwell Park to mark the 125th anniversary of the founding of Farwell, as Revelstoke was originally known. David F. Rooney photo
Museum volunteers in period costumes, Irene Scarcella, Alvina Charest, Marilee Planden and Lorna Duncan, pose for a photo. David F. Rooney photo
Museum volunteer Cheryl Wolgram (left in the dancehall girl costume) got all dressed up in period clothing for the Picnic in the Park. However, her granddaughters Cassie and Halle and Shannon Bollefer (right) and her two daughters, Jenna and Alyssa, sure didn't have to do that. But they nonetheless thought it would be fun to dress up as they might had they lived here 125 years ago. David F. Rooney photo
Jannica Hoskins (left) beats a drum as members of the Golden-based Metis Dancers begin their performance at the Multicultural Heritage Picnic in the Park on Sunday. David F. Rooney photo
Kobe and Justin Brunetti enjoyed some help from Patti Sue Glassman-Shonek and Gertie Smith. David F. Rooney photo
Cooper Horning chases some of the bubbles generated by Team Gloria's Bubble Machine. David F. Rooney photo
Una McInnes waits for a hot dog from one of those master weekend chefs, Barry Ozero (left) and Buddy Rozander. David F. Rooney photo