In Pictures: The 2010 Relay for Life

By David F. Rooney

Revelstokians raised $43,889 and joined 200,000 other Relay for Life participants Sunday in the remarkable annual event that raises millions to fight cancer.

“Each of us has a story of why we are here,” said Honourary Chairwoman Lindy Silano. “Take a moment to think of the reason that brought you to Relay. You shouldn’t feel alone. There are over 200,000 participants across Canada that will be doing the exact same thing we are doing here today, standing together for 12 hours to show support for the fight against cancer. By walking this track today, you are joining forces with nearly four million people worldwide who want to save lives.”

The Survivors’ Lap brought out scores of local cancer survivors and the Team Lap saw members of the 15 local teams strut around the track at Centennial Park. You can see video of these laps here:

That doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be fun, too.

There was food, of course, and lots of entertainment. with musical performances by Sharon Shook, Donna Hanna’s Band, the Swing Monkeys, Mr. Rogers and the Maritime Kitchen Band. It was a hot day so some people cooled down by getting their heads and torsos shaved during the Hair Removal for a Cause event at 4:45. That’s something Powder Springs General Manager Emma Kirkland was up for. She lost her blonde locks (see the photo below), but it was all for a good cause.

The raffle and draws were held at 9, followed by the Closing Ceremonies. At 10 pm it was all over. Here are photos of the event:

The Lake Revelstoke Dragon Boat Society paddlers limber up with a little Zumba prior to forming the arch of honour for Revelstoke's cancer survivors. The 2010 Relay for Life was held Sunday, June 13, at Centennial Park and featured 15 teams of eager walkers and runners. David F. Rooney photo
The Revelstoke Highlanders Pipe Band leads local cancer survivors on the traditional Survivors' Lap beneath the raised paddles held by members of the Dragon Boat Society. David F. Rooney photo
Survivors comfort each other as they walk in the Survivors' Lap. David F. Rooney photo
Members of the various teams vying to see who can raise the most money for cancer research were eager, energetic and loud as they performed the traditional Teams' Lap at the start of the Relay for Life. David F. Rooney photo
Cancer survivors gather for a group photo beneath the word "Hope" spelled out with luminaries. David F. Rooney photo
Frank Pupo tosses a bocce ball at the Relay for Life. There were more things to do down at the Relay for Life than simply walk in circles. There was bocce, volleyball, a dunk tank, pool, mist tent and plenty of other activities. David F. Rooney photo
Emma Kirkland (center) had a little help setting up the volleyball net. David F. Rooney photo
Flip that flapjack! Wayne Murray demonstrates his style as he whips up flapjacks for the hungry hordes at the Relay for Life on Sunday morning. David F. Rooney photo
Heather Cretelli (seated) gets her hair done by Bex Reid Parkin as Suzanne Dupuis waits for her hair to dry. David F. Rooney photo
Miss Revelstoke Karina Foisy and Miss Revelstoke Princess Saara Tapanainen were on hand for the start of the 2010 Relay for Life. David F. Rooney photo
The volleyball net wasn't up for 10 minutes before relayers started playing an impromptu game Sunday. David F. Rooney photo
Relay for Life's Honourary Chairwoman Lindy Silano gets a lift from members of the Class A Construction team. David F. Rooney photo
It was definitely a very warm day and there were few ways better for staying cool than a drop in the dunk tank. David F. Rooney photo
Relay team members and spectators check out the items on offer at the Survivors' Tent. The painting by Shannon Robinson was particularly admired. David F. Rooney photo
Jason Roe gets a massage from Angela Hartell. She finished him off with an Indian Head Massage. David F. Rooney photo
Always a good sport, Powder Springs General Manager Emma Kirkland goes for the lean look as she has her blonde locks shorn to raise money for the Relay for Life on Sunday. Way to go, Emma! photo courtesy of Emma Kirkland
Donna Hanna's Band entertained the crowd in the afternoon. David F. Rooney photo
Very young children seem to find the Team Gloria Bubble Machine irresistible. David F. Rooney photo
These youngsters found a way to beat the heat and burn off energy tossing big balls around. David F. Rooney photo
Shannon Sternloff, Trevor Wallach and Steve Smith, collectively known as the Maritime Kitchen Band, lucked out with an evening time slot when it was just a little cooler than the afternoon. David F. Rooney photo
Sally carmichael and friends found that walking their laps was a great way to raise money and have a good chat at the same time. David F. Rooney photo
John Devitt cools off his blistered feet after walking and running 105 laps around the track. "That's equivalent to a marathon," he said. A real daredevil, Devitt also had all of his chest hair waxed off after Relayers and spectators donated a whack of cash to the anti-cancer campaign as an inducement. We hope he feels virtuous... but man! Ouch! David F. Rooney photo
Steve Smith announces the last lap of the day. David F. Rooney photo
Relayers fade into the night during the Last Lap as some of the 242 luminaries sold at the event glow in the dusk. David F. Rooney photo