Hospice Society appreciates the community’s support

The Revelstoke Hospice Society would like to extend thanks to the Columbia Basin Trust, its local committee members, and those in the community who this past March, voted for us to receive funds, in part towards our hospice volunteer training.

A huge thank you to all the people who attended the training. The presenters: Audrey Austin, Sara Brown, Karen Herbert, Connie Brothers, Tuulikki Tennant, Vivian Mitchell, Capreece Bowers, Gary Sulz, Doris Folkens, Whitney Kendrick, Ken Jones, Marina Huyler, Charlene Robertson, Melanie Melynk, Mary Carlson, Frieda Livesey, Coreen Tucker, Linda McGee, Jill Holloway, Mary Bradshaw, Phyllis Floyd, and Gwynne Battersby. Added thanks to Queen Victoria Hospital for the venue, Maura Seyl for her assistance, and Robyn Abear and Lida Carey for our closing music.

Our trainees were made up of incredibly beautiful individuals. They have revealed themselves to be truly amazing. We congratulate the graduates: Maureen Beruschi, Sonia Cinelli, Krista Cadieux, Graham Harper, Jane Pearson, Edith Schleiss, Dorothy Martinis, Patti Shonek, and Satish Shonek.

With each volunteer training session, another person becomes a part of this important movement called Hospice. Volunteers support and care for the terminally ill, and offer the greater community education about the dying process. Approaching death can be full of growth, an experience families can share. Hospice palliative care workers are trained to help clients and family members so that the remaining time can be as comfortable and meaningful as possible. With so many people wanting to live out their lives well in our community, all these people I have mentioned are truly a blessing.

The staff and board of directors
Revelstoke Hospice Society