Dragon boat ahoy!

Jacquie Goodman was one of the many people who went to Martha Creek for the launching of the Lake Revelstoke Dragon Boat Society’s sleek yellow craft this week.

Fortunately for readers of The Revelstoke Current, she came back with some photos of the society’s dragon boat on the water.

You can find out more about the society by visiting its website at www.revelstokedragonboats.org.

Thanks Jacquie!

Martha Creek boat launch and Loading up the crew. As you can see there are women and men who paddle for the love of the sport. Hey wait a minute, where are the two teenagers? Photo courtesy of Jacquie Goodman
Getting the timing from lead stroke. Lead stroke are the first two paddlers who set the pace for the rest in order for the boat to glide across the water. The coach sits at the bow and the steer person at the stern. Photo courtesy of Jacquie Goodman
So come out and join the group. We meet every Monday and Thursday nights up at the Frontier Restaurant at 6:15 p.m. We then make a decision to paddle depending on the weather, number of paddlers present and a steers person. We then carpool out to Martha Creek Provincial Campground and load the boat. The paddling sessions are an hour in length. As a visitor or beginner, we will try to have an experienced paddler beside you to help you. The club supplies the paddles and lifejackets. This is the Lake Revelstoke Dragonboat Society's fourth year out on the water. Photo courtesy of Jacquie Goodman