Does no one mind $50 parking fines?

Does no one else mind that we are soon to be assessed one of the highest – if not the highest – parking violation fine in Canada?  When the current posted the list of fines a week or so ago, I was sure that there would be a flurry of letters, perhaps even another petition!  But not a word!  Wouldn’t it be better to nip this in the bud, rather than wait until I actually receive a parking ticket? I have been told that it is higher than Toronto and I know it is higher than Vancouver.  And isn’t Revelstoke supposed to be a friendly town, one that welcomes tourists? I agree that there has been some parking abuse, but really, has it been that rampant? Rampant enough to warrant $50 dollar fines? That is what the city is proposing and I think it is highway robbery.  I can see a $15 or even $20 fine, but no more!

I had a doctor’s appointment today and –thanks to an emergency (that no one informed us of) – I had to sit and wait for more than an hour.  It was due to no fault of my own and if I had left the offices to move my car, Mr. Murphy surely would have surfaced and my name would have been called to see the doctor.  I was just lucky that the city hadn’t started their monitoring.  Should we be penalized for that?

Come on Council Members, please rethink your position on this. Remember, this isn’t Toronto or Vancouver!  This is Revelstoke. “

Catherine Bell

Editor’s Note:

You can read The Current’s original story on parking bylaw enforcement as well as see the City’s existing schedule of fines for parking infractions by clicking here.