And now a word from the pro-pesticide lobby…

David Rooney overlooked a number of important facts in his recent Revelstoke Current articles on pesticides, such as the fact that these products contribute to proper maintenance of public and private spaces, which make for happier, healthier communities.

While it is true that well-tended landscapes are more resilient to pest infestations, the fact remains that sometimes even the best-tended green spaces succumb to difficult-to-control pest infestations. When this happens, pesticides are a safe and effective way to protect properties from the insects, weeds or diseases that threaten them.

It is also worth noting that Canada’s regulatory system is among the most modern and most stringent in the world. Every pesticide sold in Canada undergoes a comprehensive scientific review and risk assessment by Health Canada that includes a review of any available scientifically credible studies to ensure the products will not cause harm to people, animals or the environment when used according to directions.

Furthermore, Health Canada recognizes that natural does not necessarily equal safe, which is why it assesses all pesticides – both natural and synthetic – to ensure that they are safe.

Canada’s plant science industry, which includes the manufacturers, developers and distributors of pesticide products, agrees our products should be used only when necessary, and that it is imperative they be used according to label directions.

However, we cannot stand by in silence while our products – which are deemed safe for use by experts from around the world – are falsely accused of causing a litany of health problems.  That accusation simply isn’t true and it shouldn’t go unchallenged.

Revelstoke residents should continue to have access to the full array of safe and effective products available to protect themselves and their properties from harmful pests.


Lorne Hepworth
President, CropLife Canada – representing the plant sciences industry

Editor’s Note:

If you’d like to read my reply to Lorne Hepworth’s letter please go to I didn’t overlook anything — I flat out ignore it.