Their hearts throb for you

Some of the Heart Throbs, the Revelstoke team riding the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s Bik Bike next weekend got together for a crowning of sorts. Margaret Pacaud, Inamarie Oppermann, King of Hearts Brian Maraun, Queen of Hearts Dave Holtman and Joanne Short. In front, from left to right, are: Karrie Donato, Roberta Ciolli, Melanie Melnyk, Sharan Gilbert and Margaret Maraun. Team Captain Melanie Melnyk said team members are very excited to get the event promoted as it's going to be a busy day downtown that Saturday, May 15, already. “The Big Bike started out for me as something fun but has changed into something much bigger,” she said in an e-mail to The Current. “I was on a bike team the last time it was here with my sister-in-law and my youngest daughter. It was last minute and we had just joined another smaller team. We had so much fun I decided to captain my own team this year. In amongst all this my husband and I have… making some significant lifestyle changes. I also found out some of the stats around heart- and stroke-related health issues and didn't know that heart attacks and/or strokes are the No. 1 killers amongst women. The silent killers. That was new to me. As our team grew I got to know new people and heard their stories. We have some who have lost young friends to this horrible disease. With education and action these stats can be changed.” David F. Rooney photo