How do YOU think our town should develop?

By David F. Rooney

The City is embarking on an ambitious program that, ultimately, will decide how people-friendly future development will be.

Should we embrace the kind of highway and car-driven development that mars the outskirts of cities and towns across the country? Or should we strive for development that favours people on foot and on bikes?

The choice sounds like a no-brainer but it’s not. And City Planner John Guenther hopes every thinking Revelstoke resident will attend the charette public workshop scheduled to start Tuesday, June 8, at the Community Centre. It will run from 7 pm until 8:30 pm.

The ideas and views people bring to the charette will be acted upon, rendered into drawings that will be available for a community review on June 10 at the Community Centre from 7 until 8:30 pm. The final charette closing presentation and public comment will be on June  11 at the Community Centre from 3:30 until 5 pm. There will also be a series of special meetings for developers, government employees and others

A charrette is any collaborative session in which a group drafts a solution to a design problem. In this case it will revolve about the proposed Unified Development Bylaw. The UDB will, if it passes, provide the City with a framework and guidelines for more environmentally-friendly and socially progressive development.

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In depth stories about next week’s charette will be posted on The Current this week.