Down the drain — flood closes federal building, wipes out Parks Canada archive

By David F. Rooney

No one yet knows what caused it, but the flood that filled the basement of the federal government building on Third Street West with seven feet of water is leaving residents without Parks Canada and Post Office services for the foreseeable future.

Marnie Digiandomenico of Parks Canada said Tuesday afternoon that the flood occurred sometime before the driver of the daily commuter bus to Glacier National Park arrived at 6:30 a.m.

“The driver arrived, opened the door and found the basement filled with water,” she said.

The basement, which extends the length of the building contained Parks Canada archives, libraries and equipment. Much of that is presumably ruined, judging by the waterlogged shreds of paper that were being pumped out with the water all day. Digiandomenico could not place a value on the archives, library and equipment that were drowned.

“It’s probably more water than there is in the pool,” said Glen Sakiyama of Burridge’s as be primed a pump Tuesday morning. “We don’t know what caused it because we can’t get in there.”

The Current will keep readers posted as to the status of both Parks Canada and Post Office and when they can expected them to be re-opened.

Glen Sakiyama of Burridge's primes a pump outside the federal building Tuesday morning. David F. Rooney photos