Did you help make McHappy Day a success?

By David F. Rooney

Step behind the counter at McDonald’s and you enter a different world… a world of efficiency, rigorous attention to hygiene and the ever-present hope that a bus — or two — will arrive at the same time.

“It’s always like this — panic/calm, panic/calm, panic/calm,” said Opening Shift Manager Sandy Simpson as I watched her whip together a Big Mac for a hungry customer. “My favourite time is when you get a couple of buses come in. Then the lobby’s full and there’s lots of action. That’s great!”

Even when at their busiest, staff at the restaurant work to maintain their poise and good spirits. That’s tougher than it sounds. The restaurant tries to get people their orders with about a minute at the front counter and within three minutes if the customer is in his or her car in the drive-through lane. But a glitch such as a software or mechanical problem or a shortage of staff can play havoc with those times and occasionally customers crank at them.

This past Wednesday though there was none of that. Everything seemed to be proceeding smoothly. Good thing as it was McHappy Day when franchise owners Kevin and Cathy Blakely invite local bigwigs such as the mayor and councillors and other not-so-bigwigs like CPR Police Service Sgt. Larry Parsons to come in and help raise money for a local charity. Trees for Tots was the beneficiary this year and Kevin said they were able to raise $3011.17 for Trees for Tots.

Great job!

Here are a few photos of some of the regular — and irregular — staff at work:

Watch that screen! Neto Buenrostro checks the orders on a screen in the kitchen at McDonald's Restaurant on Wednesday when local people came in to help raise money for Trees for Tots during the annual McHappy Day drive. David F. Rooney photo
Opening shift manager Sandy Simpson whips up a Big Mac for a hungry customer on Wednesday. David F. Rooney photo
And what would you like on your burger? Condiments await in the kitchen at McDonald's. David F. Rooney photo
Luz Bien serves a customer at the front counter. David F. Rooney photo
Angie Lerose toasts burger buns. "I really enjoy the work," she says. David F. Rooney photo
Emily Rimondo hands a customer her change. David F. Rooney photo
A camera focused on the drive-in order board lets staff know when someone wants a drive-through order. David F. Rooney photo
Cathy and Kevin Blakely, the franchise owners in Revelstoke, pose in the kitchen. Kevin said they recently returned from a convention in Florida where the mega-company rolled out its plans for future foods and new kitchen technology. David F. Rooney photo
Emily and Neto enjoy their lunch in the restaurant staff room. David F. Rooney photo
Silver-tongued Steve Smith convinces a customer to donate to the McHappy Day campaign on behalf of Trees for Tots. David F. Rooney photo
Larry Parsons of the CP Rail Police Service manned the drive-through window on Wednesday morning. David F. Rooney photo
RBC Manager Lynn Welock hands a gear bag to four-year-old Palmer Taylor after he made a family donation to the McHappy Day campaign. David F. Rooney photo
Guess who was the class clown in school? Steve Smith may be silver tongued on air but he has a warped and weird side, too. David F. Rooney photo
Got milk? Larry Parsons makes sure RCMP Const. Gary McLaughlin gets his moo-juice. David F. Rooney photo
Kale Blakely poses with his buds, the Hamburglar (left) and Grimmace. David F. Rooney photo
Columbia Park Elementary School Principal Shan Jorgenson-Adam was in tune with the drive-through crowd on Wednesday afternoon. David F. Rooney photo
Miss Revelstoke, Karina Foisy, was all smiles as she served customers at the front counter Wednesday. David F. Rooney photo