Concrete now being placed at the Nordic Ski Club’s new day lodge

By David F. Rooney

Trust me. Watching concrete being placed — “Concrete is never poured,” Dale Mogielka of Terus Construction told me — is a heck of a lot more interesting than watching paint dry… and I’ve seen a lot of paint dry.

As I discovered Thursday the grey stuff being placed at the site of the Nordic Ski Club’s new day lodge is no exception. Placing concrete involves lots of wet concrete and, of course, big machines.

The club raised $350,000 to build the day lodge, a custodian’s residence and a maintenance building at the base of Mount Macpherson just off Highway 23S. It hopes to have everything ready by the time the snow flies and people start getting ready for the ski season.

Will they succeed? The Current plans to document the operation in pictures every month. And here’s this month’s installment:

Workers at the site of the Nordic Ski Club's new day lodge being built at Mount Macpherson prepare to place new concrete in the forms of the building's foundation. The club raised $350,000 to build the day lodge and maintenance building. David F. Rooney photo
Ah! Fresh concrete on its way from the H&J cement truck to the concrete injection system. David F. Rooney photo
The injector being maneuvered to the forms. David F. Rooney photo
Workers hold the nozzle steady, ensuring a steady flow of concrete. David F. Rooney photo
This gives you a sense of scale for this operation.
Dale Mogielka tests a sample of the concrete being used. Fresh concrete is tested for its water and air content to ensure that it retains its porosity while maintaining its strength. The club hopes to have the new facility up and running by the start of the next ski season. David F. Rooney photo