Chickadee Festival had lots for kids to learn

Okay, Maeve, try it this way. Young Maeve proved to be a whiz with a roller as she made some bear paw prints at the Chickadee Nature Festival up at the Mount Revelstoke National Park chalet on Saturday. She was one of scores of children who attended the annual nature festival. David F. Rooney photo

Hmmm! What's in here? Debbie Robinson explores the contents of a jar full of pond water — and pond critters. David F. Rooney photo
These two children enjoyed their chance to draw some animals at the Chickadee Nature Festival. David F. Rooney photo
Can you guess whose poop is whose? Parks Canada's Alice Webber was pretty tight-lipped with the hints as these two boys quickly discovered in a Parks Canada game that asked participants to identify different artificial animal scats. The youngsters did manage to get most of the plastic scats correctly identified. David F. Rooney photo