Cars vs Bikes… who won the Commuter Challenge? Why people on bikes, of course!

The annual Bike to Work Week campaign got under on Saturday with the Commuter Challenge that pits cars against bikes.

This year’s campaign also saw the North Columbia Environmental Society refurbish 25 bikes that had been in the City lockup. The bikes were farmed out to people who wrote the best essays about why they needed bikes.

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But that’s enough in the writing department. There is nothing like some photography to show you want happened:

The Commuter Challenge, organized by the Bike to Work Week Committee, took place Saturday May 29 at the market. The idea is to show that biking to work doesn't take much — if at all- longer than driving to work. They started at Queen Victoria Hospital and raced to Grizzly Plaza. Karen McColl photo
MaryLou Mohr raced against Arlene Morrow (driver) from Columbia Park. Mohr squeezed out a tight win, beating Morrow by one minute. Paula Hill Photo
And the bikers win! The challenge for drivers on Saturday was finding parking spots, but that's one of the perks of biking! Karen McColl photo
The NCES received 25 great applications for bikes and were able to match 12 lucky people with their 12 refurbished bikes. The City of Revelstoke donated the abandoned bikes to the NCES, and then Flowt technicians took over and repaired the bikes, while donating labour and parts. Flowt also gave the NCES a smoking deal on helmets and locks so that all the riders are ready to go. The group also expressed its thank s to the CBT, as well, for making funds available for its community event. The rest of the bikes will be picked up this week. Photo courtesy of the NCES
Louisa Robinson receiving her bike, helmet and lock from Sarah Newton. Photo courtesy of the NCES