At last! A Theatre Sports performance!

By David F. Rooney

Revelstoke’s Theatre Sports Club finally showed what it could do before an appreciative audience at the Visual Arts Centre on Wednesday evening.

The club’s members used improv comedy in a series of 10 short but very amusing skits to entertain the audience. Theatre Sports, which began in Alberta about 30 years ago and has since spread around the world, demands not only that its practitioners be excellent comedic improvisers, but can do so within a structure of rules and timing.

The club was started by Anita Hallewas last autumn and its members worked through the winter and spring to hone their skills and timing.

Here are a few images from Wednesday night’s show:

Anita Hallewas welcomes the 30-odd people who attended the Theatre Sports Club's first-ever public performance at the Visual Arts Centre on Wednesday. David F. Rooney photo
Two teams — one yellow, one red — performed a series of 10 very amusing skits. While the comedians' ability to improvise is key to their success they must do so within carefully defined limits and they are judged by both three judges and the audience. David F. Rooney photo
Lindy Silano "dies" in a practice skit at the beginning of the evening's silliness. David F. Rooney photo
Judges raise their scores (left) to the delight of the audience. David F. Rooney photo
Meet the judges: Ken Jones, Steven Hui and Lyn Kaulback. They had as good a time as the audience and the Theatre Sports Club's comedians. David F. Rooney photo