The Home & Leisure Show in pictures

The Chamber of Commerce’s Home & Leisure Show was a hit with those who prowled the Forum this weekend. David F. Rooney photo

By David F. Rooney

The Chamber of Commerce’s Home & Leisure Show was a hit with those who prowled the Forum this weekend.

There were more than 70 exhibitors in the show offering everything form home renovation packages to granite countertops.

One of the busiest booths was non-commercial: the Anti-HST Petition Campaign’s booth saw very steady traffic all weekend with canvassers collecting almost 600 signatures of local registered voters.

As a non-store point of contact, the show is a valuable venue for merchants to meet and talk with customers and potential customers.

Here are some photos of the weekend’s action:

Seth Chevrier sported a terrific face painting at the Chamber of Commerce’s Home & Leisure Show. David F. Rooney photo
Chantilly Kitchen, Bed ‘n’ Bath’s Deenie Ottenbreit (center) watches as one of her assistants talks with a customer. The show was an important venue for local merchants to introduce new products and services to customers. David F. Rooney photo
Off-duty Mountie Gary McLaughlin chats with Matt Robinson of Robinson Residential. David F. Rooney photo
Maria Stagliano (left) was one of the many people who were intrigued by Revelstoke Mountain Homes’ brand new program for building homes inside city limits at guaranteed prices. Here, Sally Carmichael shows how a computer program makes interior-design relatively easy. David F. Rooney photo
Neillis Kreistensen and Ann Johnston pose in front of the Pharmasave booth at the Home & leisure show. David F. Rooney photo
Artist Yvonne Boyd paints the face of Halle Dean at the Home & Leisure Show. David F. Rooney photo
As Boyd works on young Halle’s face, her sister Alexa Deam strolls by to show off her face painting. David F. Rooney photo
All done! Halle looks at her face in a mirror. David F. Rooney photo
For Boyd it’s all in a day’s work. No sooner do you clear one child when another clambers into the chair for his or her face painting. Parents and kids formed a constant lineup by Boyd’s table. David F. Rooney photo
Ingrid Boaz (left) talks with Tina Miertsch of the City’s Public Works booth. David F. Rooney photo
Sue Leach talks with Glenn Nagy of the Bear Canyon Cabinet Company about a hot tub issue. David F. Rooney photo
Wayne Halvorson (center) of Okanagan Geothermal Ltd. talks with a potential customer at the Home & Leisure Show. Okanagan Geothermal has been around for 10 years and has an excellent track record, unlike some of the fly-by-night companies offering to install geothermal heating/cooling units. Halvorson said it is the homeowner’s responsibility to do his or her homework, especially when it comes to judging the reliability and competence of a geothermal contractor. David F. Rooney photo
And how would you like that, sir? Emma Kirkland, general manager of the Powder Springs Hotel, dishes up some Thai stir fry for Glenn Nagy. David F. Rooney photo
Austin Thomas sports a very toothy and distinctly alligator-ish look, thanks to face painter Yvonne Boyd. David F. Rooney photo
Elvira Brunner (left) of Crescendo talks with Paramedica Antoinette Halberstadt and one of her colleagues in the BC Ambulance Service. David F. Rooney photo
Bex Reid-Parkin (left) gets Jacqueline Cottingham (center) and Casey Hunt moving to the beat of Colombia music as she demonstrates Zumba to them. David F. Rooney photo
Young Nicholas Urru obviously enjoyed one of the riding mowers on display at the Home & Leisure Show. David F. Rooney photo
A young girl aspires to the heights on the outdoor climbing wall brought to the Home & Leisure Show as a kid-friendly attraction. David F. Rooney photo