Spring is reaching the high country

Spring, as mountain guide and photographer Lyle Grisedale has discovered, is finally reaching the higher elevations.

He submitted these recent images of glacier lilies as proof of that the season is acquiring a firmer grasp on the mountain meadows above us.

Here are three of the images he liked best:

Gorgeous golden glacier lilies are erupting from the ground at higher elevations on Mount Revelstoke as mountain guide and photographer Lyle Grisedale has discovered. Lyle Grisedale photo
And it's not just in ones and twos, either. Formally known as Erythronium grandiflorum Pursh, it goes by other names as well: dogtooth violet, avalanche lily, fawn lily, snow lily and trout but is best known here as a glacier lily. Lyle Grisedale photo
These gorgeous flowers bloom from April until August and are ubiquitous in our region. But as beautiful as they are please don;t ever try to dig them up and transplant them to your home garden. We guarantee that it the transplant won't work. If you attempt it all you will have done is kill one of God's most beautiful creations. Lyle Grisedale photo