Scenes from an exhibition

Everyone is fascinated by their personal dreamscapes and that showed in attendance at Dreams and Fears, the Visual Arts Centre’s opening exhibition for 2010.

This show features 56 works local artists as well as a few from as far away as Duncan and Invermere. The show is on exhibit at The Centre until April 30. For more information please call 250-814-0261 or send an e-mail to Here are some photos from the opening:

Ceramist Nancy Geismar (left) and woodcarver Rod Aspeslet talk beside Aspeslet's magnificent door, on display during the Visual Arts Centre's Dreams and Fears exhibition. This beautiful work features two different images. The side you see here is called The Noon Day Sun. The other side is Raven and The Watcher. David F. Rooney photo
Frank and Marina Huyler (left and center) and Krista Stovel contemplate Kip Wiley's intriguing photograph Where the Nightmare Escaped. David F. Rooney photo
Daniel Weber (left) talks with Kip Wiley and Elvira Brunner at the show, which is on display until April 30. David F. Rooney photo
Paintings meld with sculpture in the side gallery at The Centre. David F. Rooney photo
This exquisite tea set by Sandra Flood is entitled Dreaming of Islamic Gardens. Gardens, plants and flowers are a recurring theme in Flood's pottery. David F. Rooney photo
Arleigh Barratt (left) and Patience Gribble take a closer view of Gwen Lips installation piece, Purgatory. David F. Rooney photo
Cat Mather (left) and Krista Stovel enjoy works by Kate Tupper and Tina Lindegaard. David F. Rooney photo

Ruby Cameron (left) and Judy Vigue enjoyed Pat Anderson's take on dreams. David F. Rooney photo